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Why Trump Snubbing The Philadelphia Eagles Matters

Pennsylvania sports fans are rabid and have long memories

As you’ve probably heard by now, the President cancelled a celebratory visit by the Super Bowl Champions to the White House scheduled for today. Many of the Eagles were not going to attend.

And yes, it’s just another stunt devised by the President to please his base and distract from other stuff. Trump issued a statement saying he’ll conduct “a different type of ceremony — one that will honor our great country, pay tribute to the heroes who fight to protect it, and loudly and proudly play the National Anthem.” That’s an integral part of the false narrative the President has created about NFL players “taking a knee”. Which has nothing to do with support of the military; it’s about racism and police brutality.

Here’s Trump’s full statement:

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Trump won Pennsylvania by 44,000 votes out of nearly 6-million votes cast. And he usually doesn’t make a habit of disrespecting people who voted for him. No, he didn’t win Philadelphia. At the same time football-wise, the state is pretty much split in two. The Western half roots for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Eastern half — the Eagles fans — include many counties that went heavily for Trump. We’re not saying everybody living in these areas won’t remain Trump fans, but they’re sure as heck still going to still be Eagles fans. And they’ll remember this.

Of course Trump’s decision created a back-and-forth Twitter war. Here’s the Tweet we thought summed up the situation best, from former Eagles Wide Receiver Torrey Smith:

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Philadelphia’s Mayor, Jim Kenney meanwhile, punched back at Trump hard, saying in a statement:

“Disinviting them from the White House only proves that our President is not a true patriot, but a fragile egomaniac obsessed with crowd size and afraid of the embarrassment of throwing a party to which no one wants to attend.”

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney

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