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Why The Story In The New York Times This Morning That’s Got Liberals All Abuzz Is A Bunch Of BS

Of course Trump supporters don’t like Liberals telling them what to think and do. You know who else doesn’t like being told what to think and do? Liberals. You know who else doesn’t like being told what to think and do? People.

The Opinion piece in the Times by University of Virginia Professor Gerard Alexander, provocatively titled “Liberals, You’re Not as Smart as You Think” is very literally meant to be a wake up call for Liberals who, according to the article: “often don’t realize how provocative or inflammatory they can be.” And a backlash against that is what’s gonna win Trump reelection.

He says people get upset if they’re labeled racists or bigots, and so Liberals should be “more respectful”. He says, for instance, since Liberals won on the big issue of same sex marriage, maybe when it comes to folks refusing to cater those weddings they shouldn’t “pick that fight”.

So let’s take the good Professor’s advice: let’s drop all lawsuits related to discrimination against same-sex couples, let’s forget about gender identity issues, “cultural appropriation” and “microaggressions”. Let’s stop pointing out how people are racist lest we are perceived as doing so “cavalierly”. And most importantly, since Liberals “dominate the entertainment industry”, let’s institute a complete moratorium on jokes that insult Trump and people who voted for him because those jokes might energize them to vote for Trump again.

Liberals can just tell the people who find those issues crucially important to suck it up and find other things to be funny about in the interest of winning the next election…

Problem is, even if Liberals do all that, they’re still left supporting:

  1. Gun Control
  2. Abortion rights
  3. Immigration rights
  4. Expansion of affordable health care
  5. Keeping the Supreme Court out of right-wing control for decades
  6. Etc.

Which of those would you have Liberals cede next? How many of those battles would you want Liberals to lighten up on to win over Trump supporters (or even Conservative non-Trump supporters)?

The Professor states: “Liberals may be more effective at causing resentment than in getting people to come their way.”

We talked to a lot of people in states that Trump took, ahead of the 2016 Presidential Election. Trump voters overwhelmingly had the same, single reason for supporting him: he was going to shake things up. They didn’t even really care how he did it. Not one person we spoke with said anything about being mad that their favorite right-winger was banned from speaking at their University, or that they were irritated Liberals were making such a big deal out of microaggressions. Yes, being “too PC” was very much wrapped into Trump’s message of shaking things up, but lots of Liberals get irritated about that too.

Which was illustrated when we spoke with people who told us they weren’t going to vote at all. They had a very different, but also uniformly consistent reason: they felt like they were being told they had to support Hillary, and so that’s why they weren’t going to.

Yes, Liberals can strategize on ways to leverage the President’s unseemly behavior to try to get Trump supporters to “come their way”. But the key to winning will not be that, it’ll be successfully encouraging Liberals themselves not to push each other away and fragment into warring factions that refuse to support each other.

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Peabody award winning journalist. Streaming media pioneer. Played @ CBGB back in the day. Editor-In-Chief "The Chaos Report"

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