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Airing grievances at weekend news conference

Why Is Anyone Surprised Trump Won’t Swivel From His Core Messaging At All?

Trump will never ever ever do or say anything that challenges his base. Even a little. Even now.


  • He not just supports but exhorts supporters to “LIBERATE” swing states with Democratic governors, through protests and gathering with large groups, while at the same time reiterates people should not meet in large groups.
  • He somehow also makes it about the 2nd Amendment in Virginia. Yes, the state’s Democratic Governor increased gun control laws there. But it’s not wrapped into that state’s Coronavirus response. But it does give Trump a way to get guns into his messaging.
  • He makes social distancing an assault on Christianity, and fortifies it by wondering out loud and meanderingly if rules limiting gatherings will be enforced at mosques. Even though “I just spoke with people that love mosques, they love mosques, and I am all in favor of that.” Whatever that means. He also uses a question about this to launch into a rant about how Democrats hate Israel. The connection with that? We don’t know. But we do know. It’s the rhetoric that got him elected.
  • And, of course, he blames China for everything, including his own slow initial response. (Except for his China ban. But Trump banning things is kind of his knee-jerk response.) And then somehow ties Joe Biden in, making him somehow synonymous with China. Trump Tweets: “Their DREAM CANDIDATE!”. (Remember when it was Ukraine?)
  • Except for faulty test kits, which he blames on Obama, as in: “I inherited broken junk”, even though the test kits were made to detect a virus that didn’t exist until 2019, hence the name COVID-19.

So, all that could be a sign the President’s grasping at straws. Or it could be he’s seeing a path to regain his footing and re-election. Or could it be Trump’s weekend media briefings are even more full of bile because he’s upset he’s not out playing golf?

And now that even CNN doesn’t cover his full briefings cum self-congratulatory sessions anymore, the President doesn’t have to hold anything back. He can put his secret world in full view. Where he’s not responsible for anything: not his overall poor pandemic response, not the horrifyingly bad economy. He can tell his audiences at Fox and OANN, who are still getting it all: “I’m focused on you.

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Peabody award winning journalist. Streaming media pioneer. Played @ CBGB back in the day. Editor-In-Chief "The Chaos Report"

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