Why Do Democrats Seem So Intent On Alienating So Many People Inside The Party?

We think it’s leaving a lot of Democratic voters unsure of where — or if — they fit in

Eric J Scholl
5 min readJun 12, 2019


We keep hearing political operatives who back certain candidates, or causes, or philosophies, as well as pundits whom they rely on to echo them, telling us these days that in order to beat Trump, the Democratic Party must become all about young people and POC. Leaving us with the distinct impression we’re not wanted.

Likewise, the more “mature” candidates talk about “electability” and building their victories on bringing back traditional Democratic voters — union members, etc. — who might’ve voted for Trump, and rallying the party’s “traditional” base. Although demographically we do, we don’t always feel like we fit in there either.

The overarching question for us, whatever angle they’re coming from, is why?

There’s now an increasingly clearly defined split, that might’ve started in the 2016 midterms with the victory of more progressive candidates, which did scare a lot of the party faithful we know, a little. But not a lot. Yet it’s being portrayed as such an “us against them”. Already. Within the same party!

Both speak so definitively about how theirs is the only possible path to victory.

But how do they know? Many of these exact same people — on both sides — were telling us in 2016 Trump had no chance of winning. Zero. And we understand all anybody’s trying to do to is correct that mistake, and think they’ve found the way to do it, and make a compelling case for their preferred candidate, who of course differ in terms of appeal and ideas, because candidates always do.

But they can’t possibly know. (Actually, we think a lot of politically punditry is BS: it’s really just people making guesses, and the ones that turn out to be right, get paid a lot the next time around, and then they’re often wrong.) Trump’s victory has kind of proven that, but it’s such a big industry, that’s kind of been ignored, plus candidates have got to turn to someone to run their campaigns.

So why such a split and such definitive and unyielding commitment to one viewpoint or the other, to the point…



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