When Does Trump “Jump The Shark?”

Trump held a campaign-style rally last night in Iowa, where he returned to a lot of his greatest hits: “witch hunts,” “immigration”, “the wall,” “all we do is win, win, win.”

Following the Democrats’ loss in a Georgia special election, we talked about how the lack of hoped-for Trump-related backlash may have to do with the fact that many people actually like Trump. (As astounding as that may be to Democrats.) A story in Salon follows on that theme, contending “buyers remorse” may never come, because as long as Trump continues to play to his base, he can always count on them to turn out, then cobble together a bunch of party faithful and “irregulars” to push him to a win. Despite what we said before, we’re not so sure about that.

A big and largely unconsidered reason a lot of people like Trump may not be because they like his policies, but because he’s a great entertainer. And at some point that always wears thin. Then again, the Trump-hosted Celebrity Apprentice ran for 14 Seasons. That’s plenty more than two Presidential terms.

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