What About Going To Plan “D” On Health Care? Get “D”emocrats To The Table And Hammer Out Something That’s Really Bipartisan

And maybe fixes things, instead of creating a whole new world of hurt. We’ve never been super-fans of Obamacare. Now we might have a chance at a really good bill. Even with adjustments, the Senate bill can never be that. Instead, it would push in one of two directions (or maybe both) if it indeed is passed: 1) A huge corporate welfare program for health insurance companies, 2) A really shady bazaar where everyone can sell pretty much anything they want. That’s leading many hospitals, doctors and patients to fear things could easily get worse than they were before there was any kind of health care law at all.

So why not give Plan “D” a shot? Democrats will sit down. They are not, at heart, in the business of obstruction. At least not if they feel they can do some good.

So what if it makes the President “angry”? So what if it doesn’t fit with the Trump doctrine that losers not only have to lose, but they have to suffer long and hard? Which may be why the White House seems to be fighting harder than anyone right now for a Senate bill to pass, with almost complete disregard for what’s in it. (Yes, even if it’s totally “mean.”)

Bloomberg suggests while many are calling this pie-in-the-sky, it’s already gaining traction, quietly, on the edges of congress. Meanwhile the Hill reports this morning that several Republican leaders are calling a possible bipartisan try “a waste of time.” But that also may be a sign it’s gaining more traction.

Bloomberg also came out with an analysis of how healthcare marketplaces are looking as insurers finalize offerings for 2018. Their conclusion: most of the people who use the marketplaces will have similar options as they do right now.

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The Bloomberg survey does not address changes to premiums. Still it stands in stark contrast to the super-bleak picture painted by the White House on its own website.

(This story originally appeared in The Chaos Report http://www.thechaosreport.com/subscribe/?scr=Medium)

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