We Still Want Some Answers From The Postmaster General, And The President

Even With Louis DeJoy saying he’s slamming the brakes on further service changes between now and Election Day, we still want to know:

• Why he didn’t have the common sense to know it wouldn’t be a good idea to noticeably slow delivery, and rip out sorting machines and mailboxes, during an election, during a pandemic?

  • It puts a damper on any afterglow from the Democratic National Convention, which closes the night before the Senate hearing. Trump laments it’s Democrats who are “playing games” by calling DeJoy next Monday, as the Republican National Convention is about to kick off, which is completely true. But at the same time, that’d only be mimicking one of Trump’s most patented moves. And it’s not like he’s hunkered down in Washington this week putting on a show of working hard, leaving Democrats to do their thing: he’s out traveling around swing states, doing mini-rallies, very deliberately trying to take away the Democrats’ thunder during their own convention.
  • And also, candidate for Vice-President Senator Kamala Harris (D) CA is on that Senate committee, so it thrusts her into the spotlight in a setting which she does not fully control. Definitely a risk on Republicans’ part. But one they may feel they need to take, since she’s clearly energized the Democrats’ ticket.

Peabody award winning journalist. Streaming media pioneer. Played @ CBGB back in the day. Editor-In-Chief "The Chaos Report" www.thechaosreport.com

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