We See The Public Theater’s “Julius Caesar” And Discover It’s Just A Play, Not A Call To Action!

We attended a performance last night of the Public Theater’s “Julius Caesar” in Central Park. Our first reflection is that it’s crystal clear that those on the right who are condemning the production clearly have not seen it. (Including the President’s namesake son, because it in no way “glorifies the assassination of our President” as he has asserted.)

Yes, it lampoons Trump. But it is hardly a celebratory Presidential kill-fest. Rather it cautions against abruptly disposing of a despotic leader by violence for any reason, and especially without a solid plan of what to do after. A lot of the play also has to do with the power that comes with possessing the proficiency to persuade the public.

As to “noise” surrounding the production of the Shakespeare play, both literal and figurative: a small note slipped inside the program stating the production is not funded by the NEA, an irritating but somewhat good-natured troll who unfurled a “Trump 2020” banner during the curtain call and started shouting things like “Barron Trump for President 2032!” (Our guess is Ivanka would be in between…?), and a sole protestor outside the theater with a big voice who filibustered most of the 2-hour show. Although it was difficult to hear much of what he was shouting, a lot of it seemed to be in defense of Putin, unless the word word “Putin” just carries through the night air better than “Trump.”

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