We Have An Alternate Theory About Whether The Wife Of Japan’s Prime Minister Can Speak English

Much was made of the possibility the Prime Minister of Japan’s wife, Akie Abe, faked not speaking English in order to avoid dinner conversation with Trump at the G20. Trump complained during his NY Times interview that Abe couldn’t even say “hello” in English, implying that’s what eventually drove him to seek out the company of Vladimir Putin. Several news organizations promptly linked to video of a speech Abe gave, in English.

We believe there is a more likely explanation: Trump is lying to the Times, and didn’t even try to engage in conversation with Ms. Abe. Why? We’re just speculating, but could be several reasons: 1) He was too busy fuming inside about the seating chart, which plopped him between Ms. Abe and the wife of the President of Argentina! (Don’t worry, Merkel will pay for this!) 2) She’s a woman (that’s a cheap shot, we know, but possible), 3) He was too busy trying to get Putin to go off with him under the bleachers…

After all, the reason the White House gave for why Trump was alone with Putin during their “second, secret meeting” was that Trump didn’t have a Russian translator with him, only a Japanese translator.

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