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Altercation with CNN reporter Jim Acosta, who was subsequently banned from the White House. In case you’ve been under a rock for a week and haven’t seen it, you can click on the photo to watch…

We Are Shocked About How Shocked People Are Fox News Came Out In Support Of CNN’s Suit Against The White House

Of Course Fox News Is Supporting CNN…

Update: Federal Judge Timothy Kelly on Friday ruled in CNN’s favor, and granted an order preventing the Trump Administration from keeping reporter Jim Acosta off White House grounds. Interestingly, the ruling was not based on the First Amendment, but rather the Fifth, and the fact that there was no clear process by which the White House issued the ban. What we don’t get about this whole thing: Trump called on Acosta to ask a question. The President can choose who he does and doesn’t call on at any news conference. So why try and do a ban instead of just not calling on Acosta again in the future?

Would Fox News really want to help set a precedent where a President can ban people from news conferences because he or she doesn’t like them or the questions they ask? What happens then to their reporters the next time an angry Democrat might be in the White House…?

As Fox News’ President says: “Secret Service passes for White House journalists should never be weaponized.”

Still, that move spurred plenty of insane takes, like this one from Politico which insists: “Trump’s relationship with Fox News starts to show cracks”. Rest assured, the bond between Fox News and the President will be very much unbroken by this, whatever the outcome.

At a hearing before U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Kelly in Washington, D.C. lasting nearly 2 hours, White House lawyers argued Acosta was not banned for his viewpoints, but for grandstanding and disrupting a press conference. (They no longer contend Acosta “laid his hands” on an intern, which is the original reason they gave for locking him out. The judge questioned them about this change in their story.) CNN says Trump violated its reporter’s “constitutional rights to gather news.” The Trump-appointed Judge says he will give his ruling tomorrow.

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