Explaining Saudis are paying for “everything”. (Click on the photo to watch)

Usually When We Get Hired To Do A Job, The Person Who Pays Us Is Our Boss…

So is Trump bragging that he’s getting Saudi Arabia to foot the bill for U.S. troops he’s sending over there really a good thing?

Eric J Scholl
3 min readOct 15, 2019


The Saudis are paying the bill! Whoo-hoo! Wait a sec. Doesn’t that make them Trump’s boss? Not just nominally? And what happens if the U.S. refuses to do the Saudis’ bidding at some point? Do they borrow another page out of the Trump playbook and stiff the U.S. for what they owe? Or does the U.S. military suck it up and act as a purely mercenary force with Trump as Commander-in-Chief?

There are just so many reasons this arrangement that Trump’s so proud of, is a crappy idea.

We understand why Trump likes it: it’s part of his new world order. Though at the same time, it’s incredibly hypocritical. Because at the same time as Trump is committing 1,800 U.S. soldiers to Saudi Arabia (whoever is paying for it), he’s also pulling the few U.S. troops left, out of Syria. BTW, he’s sending almost double the number of troops to Saudi Arabia that he’s pulling out of Syria.

And the reasons he’s using to justify that action, is pretty much exactly the opposite of how he’s justifying being in Saudi Arabia.

Trump Tweets “Endless Wars!”, but what we’ve seen in the past few days demonstrates the small U.S. presence remaining in Syria was actually preventing a war, since as soon as the U.S. left, Turkey launched a major offensive, which was no way not planned. Trump’s published a note, threatening Turkey with very, very bad economic things; pretending to be shocked and surprised. He shouldn’t be.

As the New York Times aptly puts it:

Having essentially greenlighted the Turkish incursion a week ago, then threatening ruin to Turkey’s economy, on Monday Mr. Trump announced sanctions on Turkey, raising tariffs on steel and suspending negotiations on a $100 billion trade deal with Ankara.”

We still think Turkey’s going to get its U.S. made F-35 fighter jets, even though technically those deliveries are suspended right now. Just a hunch on our part, but we think supported by the fact that Trump makes no mention of those jets in his…



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