Democrats fail in their last opportunity to pull out a special election victory, as a cluster of Atlanta suburbs that Trump won by only a hair, transforms overnight into a momentum-killing pipe-dream.

To me, this sends one clear message: Democrats (and also some Republicans,) have to deal with the fact that as astounding as it seems, people may actually like Trump. Maybe they won’t admit it publicly. Maybe they’ll even say to you (and pollsters) they don’t like him. But as long as he’s shaking things up and entertaining the masses, it’s time to consider he may have an unseen layer of support that goes beyond his more vocal and fervent base. David Frum, writing in the Atlantic, suggests even if you don’t believe that’s true, there’s one person who certainly does, and that’s Trump, which means he’ll now pursue his radical agenda with renewed vigor.

I am not saying Democrats can’t win in 2018. FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver writes this morning about how. And Rahm Emanuel and Bruce Reed also writing in the Atlantic, outline a battle plan.

But we need to drop the type of reasoning used here by The Daily Kos, which continues to insist Democrats are outperforming (and says anyone who disagrees with them is either a “Republican flack or lazy reporter”) because “neither of these seats should’ve been remotely competitive in the first place.” No: they should’ve been winnable. Because, Trump.

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