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Trump’s incoming National Security Adviser John Bolton speaks at a Conservative voters’ conference last month

Trump’s Most Dangerous Appointment Yet

And yes, I include Gen. Flynn and Bannon in that

Why is John Bolton replacing the recently ousted H.R. McMaster as National Security Adviser after being passed over for Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State? Simple: National Security Adviser does not require a Senate confirmation.

I crossed paths with Bolton in several green rooms back in my day as a TV journalist, and never have I met a person before or since who was more publicly rude to or dismissive of his own staff. In addition, based on TV appearances going back decades, I can say he has consistently remained imperious as hell, a war monger, and a genuine lunatic. And I do not say things like that about anyone lightly.

He will lead us into armed conflict. He will get people killed.

The only hope is Trump quickly gets fed up with his haughtiness, now that they’ll be spending a lot of time together (not just the occasional conversation on the phone, or Trump catching Bolton on Fox, where he’s a commentator).

And we’d better hope Chief of Staff Kelly sticks around, because set Trump and Bolton loose together in the Oval Office with that “nuclear button” around and who knows what kind of hell-on-earth they’ll be capable of cooking up.

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