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In the briefing room: accusing major U.S. news organizations of “siding with China” despite the fact that China just kicked most of those same news organizations out

Trump’s idea To Call COVID-19 “The Chinese Virus” Is Working For Him

It’s difficult. Because it’s both a trap for those excoriating him, yet also something that even if it is, he can’t be allowed to slide on

Trump’s gonna Trump. We know us saying that is gonna make people mad. And you know what? You’re right. We’re mad too. We even wrote a piece a couple of days ago calling attention to the fact that: “Trump Is Now Calling COVID-19 ‘The Chinese Virus’”.

Yet comments about the President’s continued smear right now accounts for more than half of all the Trump/Coronavirus traffic in our Twitter and Facebook feeds. And that has the effect of shielding Trump from other extremely valid criticisms and examples of mismanagement that he should be compelled to address, and might be compelled to actually do something about. And as consumers of online news, it’s shielding us from those other issues as well.

In that sense, whether he intended it this way or not, Trump’s decision to call COVID-19 the “Chinese virus” is effective. Trump supporters no doubt love it or don’t care. And everybody else has become very distracted by it, some to the point of obsession. And rightly so. (Also we’re not Asian-American so we can’t speak to impact it’s having specifically on our everyday lives.)

But it’s also messing with everyone’s focus. Which benefits only Trump, and probably does not benefit the American people. And allows him to distance himself from many of the other things he’s doing and saying that turn out to be negligent or dismissive or misinformation or lies.

And we already know he’s not going to stop saying it.

Focusing so much on the fact that he’s being racist again, is allowing him to cover up multiple instances of gross mismanagement and incompetence in his Coronavirus response. Maybe it is extraordinarily important to continue to express maximum indignation in order to never signal it’s even a little acceptable no matter what.

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Twitter post from Washington Post photographer

At the same time, that then allows Trump to make a lot of other ridiculous proclamations that he should be called out on, but instead just whoosh by…

Here’s a small example: Gas prices are crashing right now, a combo of a price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia, and a plunge in global demand due to the economic effects of the virus. Trump continually paints this as great news he’s bringing consumers, while continuing to insist he has some personal control of oil prices. “I was always for the person driving the car and filling up the tank of gas…I would raise hell with OPEC”, he boasted during his most recent Coronavirus briefing.

But no, Mr. President, that doesn’t make lower gas prices now “bigger than…any tax decrease we could give”. And lower gas prices aren’t like “big tax cuts” for consumers.

Because lower gas prices mean nothing if:

  • You don’t have a job to commute to.

Also, plunging oil prices do huge harm to producers inside the U.S. Which Trump is keenly aware of. One of Trump’s most touted “crowning achievements” (even though it happened when President Obama was in office), is “making” the U.S. the biggest energy producer in the world.

A bigger example? The Federal Reserve’s Herculean efforts to prevent money market funds from “breaking the buck”. Which we explained in yesterday’s column. Yes, this doesn’t easily get people fired up, nor easy to understand why it’s so important. Yet if it happens, it’ll be the biggest blow to financial markets and the economy yet. And we will have truly entered uncharted, novel territory. So that too should be getting a lot more focus. Yet no one brought it up in the President’s media briefing.

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Peabody award winning journalist. Streaming media pioneer. Played @ CBGB back in the day. Editor-In-Chief "The Chaos Report"

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