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Mimicking former Senator Al Franken at a rally last night in Minnesota

Trump Guarantees Coverage For Americans With Pre-Existing Conditions By Saying China’s Going To Pay For It

Sounds a little like Mexico Paying For “The Wall”…

This is becoming a favorite line for Trump at rallies. Where he says not to worry: he’ll find money for the popular Obamacare benefit by “getting China to pay a little more”. And he repeats that last night at a rally in Minnesota. Where he also adds a new twist: an allegation that Democrats are trying to kill that coverage, never mind that his own administration is taking the unusual approach of not defending a suit in federal court that according to NPR would “render unconstitutional Obamacare provisions that ban insurance companies from denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions”.

Here’s a clip from that rally:

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Trump walks a tightrope on health insurance these days: both continuing to condemn Obamacare and promising he’ll get rid of it once and for all, but also boasting about how good it is becoming now that he’s running it. Last night in Minnesota:

“The premiums on Obamacare were going up 116%, 138%, 200%. Through great management and great people, we have kept them down. We have mostly obliterated Obamacare….”

Trump then threatens to do his shtick about the late John McCain voting it down, but then says he won’t, and continues:

“We are stuck with it but it is obliterated….So the premiums in Minnesota this year are coming down by double digits. Think of that. And I don’t even like it.”

Other than how somehow they are going to foot the bill for pre-existing conditions, Trump barely mentioned China at all at the rally, despite the growing trade war, and a scathing speech by Vice President Pence earlier in the day accusing China of attempting to infiltrate most all aspects of life in America and meddle in upcoming elections. (Nor did Trump make more than a passing mention of Brett Kavanaugh).

He did however rip into that state’s former Senator, Democrat Al Franken, who resigned amid sexual harassment allegations. Trump’s gripe seems to be Franken admitted he was wrong and gave in too easily, saying he folded up “like a wet rag”. We’ll leave you with that clip:

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