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Border wall prototypes

Trump Gets Some Of His Wall, Not All Of It

The rest could very well depend on whether Democrats are able to retake the House or Senate this fall

Congress has agreed on a $1.3-billion spending bill that needs to pass by the end of the week. The big question was whether Trump was on board with it, since it only gives him $1,600,000,000 of the $25-billion he was demanding for “the wall”. So things were touch-and-go for a while. The bill is also very particular about how and where the wall funds can be spent.

Washington Post reporter Mike DeBonis lays it out in a Tweet (click on the graphic to view the specifics — it’s interesting):

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Trump’s kind of right to try to get all his wall funding up front: because he knows darn well that if Democrats retake either the House or Senate, those funds dry up. (Although maybe not: Democrats are finding wall funding is a very easy thing to trade for things they want, and does a lot less dramatic damage than many of the other things the President wants).

Of course the President needs to justify why this is still a “win” for him. And of course he took to Twitter to do that:

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The Washington Post says the big win for Republicans and Trump in the end is an increase of $78-billion in military funding, while Democrats got $52-billion for domestic programs they want (but apparently as a direct result of Trump’s intervention, they didn’t get the huge infrastructure package they wanted to rebuild commuter rail service between New York and New Jersey — two states that didn’t vote for him).

The Post also points to a couple of other significant late things that snuck in: money to improve background checks for gun buyers and language that federal funds can be spent to research gun violence, which is currently not allowed.

In what’s expected to be a largely symbolic gesture, many Democrats in the House are likely to vote against the spending bill, in protest of the fact that it does not contain a DACA fix, (something Trump is trying to blame them for). But they can don’t have the numbers to stop the bill’s passage, unless radical House Republicans decide to also block it because it also doesn’t defund Planned Parenthood and rip federal funds away from so-called “Sanctuary Cities”.

In case you’re a real masochist, here’s the entire bill, all 2,232 pages of it.

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