Despite not having a full blown news conference since February, President Trump engaged in an informal, wide-ranging discussion with reporters on Air Force One on his way to France. Originally, the White House said that conversation was off the record. But after Trump asked a New York Times reporter why she hadn’t reported on what he said, the White House released a partial transcript of the President’s remarks.

• The first thing that jumps out at us was how many times Trump mentions Hillary Clinton: 9 separate times to be exact. (We counted.) Mostly in the context of how he’s doing a better job on a given issue than Hillary would’ve done. For example: “I’m a tremendous fracker….Hillary was going to stop fracking….If Hillary got in, your energy prices right now would be double.”

• Trump doubles down on what we led with yesterday: reiterating he asked Putin once about whether he meddled with the U.S. election, and then again “in a totally different way” to which Putin replied “absolutely not.” When asked by a reporter what that “totally different way” was, Trump chose to answer by reiterating his “very interesting point” that “somebody” told him: if Putin was involved “you wouldn’t have found out about it.”

• He also calls Donald Jr a “good boy” and continues to argue “most people” would’ve taken a meeting that offered discrediting information on a political rival. Let’s say Trump is completely right about this. What Trump Sr. always neglects to mention is the person setting up the meeting with his son identified the source as a representative of a rival foreign government.

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Trump in Paris. Melania is smiling!

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