Trump Celebrates “Great Midterm Election“ By Taking It Out On Reporters…

…And Politicians Who Didn’t Embrace Him

In an extraordinarily contentious news conference he held the forced resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Trump characterized the midterm results as “very close to complete victory” for himself and Republicans.

But rather than exulting in what he characterized as a resounding win (even though his party lost control of the House of Representatives), he came across as cranky and unhinged, lashing out repeatedly at reporters. Trump got most heated during an exchange with CNN’s Jim Acosta, who was asking him about the migrant “caravan” that played such a big part in Trump’s campaign season messaging. Following the exchange, the White House yanked Acosta’s credentials, claiming he placed his hands on a White House intern.

Here’s an extended look at what transpired. See if you agree with the White House’s statement that Acosta was the aggressor. (Click on the photo to play):

If you want more, clicking here will take you to video of the entire news conference.

Trump also used his time to make fun of Republicans who lost, he said, because they did not sufficiently embrace him. In one case he even opted for a little word play: “Mia Love gave me no love. And she lost. Too bad. Sorry about that, Mia”. . The Utah Representative is the only black Republican woman in the House. Back in January she was in the headlines after slamming Trump for comments he supposedly made calling African nations “shithole countries”. He also blamed Speaker of the House Paul Ryan for letting too many Republican Representatives leave. Ryan is also leaving. This level of ridicule infuriated at least one Republican who lost their seat. Ryan Costello of Pennsylvania Tweeted:

We hate to be so cynical (and we admire his passion) but we can also see how this Tweet could easily land him a job as a Republican commentator on CNN or MSNBC

Trump also admitted the surprise 10% tax cut for the middle class he promised during the campaign isn’t actually going to happen, saying “there is no reason to waste time” on it, because there aren’t the votes for it in the Senate: a remark that passed almost without notice.

And another development later in the day that Trump couldn’t have been very happy about: the man who was probably #1 on the President’s Election Day “hit list”, ended up prevailing in a very close contest. Democrat Jon Tester from Montana will return to the Senate for another 6 years at least, despite the President’s personal vendetta and all that came with it (including repeated rallies in the state for the purpose of bashing Tester). Trump’s animus stemming from Tester’s leading the charge against confirmation of Trump’s personal physician as head of the VA.

Sen. Jon Tester (D) Montana victory speech

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