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New Hampshire, tonight.

Trump Appears To Misplace One Of The Most Important Battles In American Military History…

The President, at a New Hampshire rally, waxes poetically: “Do you know how famous Concord is? Concord. That’s the same Concord that we read about all the time.”

Assuming his ad-lib is about the Battles of Lexington and Concord, which were the first major military engagements of the American Revolution: Nope, that Concord’s in Massachusetts, not the New Hampshire capital.

Even we knew that, and we didn’t even attend military academy (Trump did).

Trump doesn’t continue. And he doesn’t give more context. BTW, you can watch the clip by clicking here or on the photo at the top. Or if you think we’ve got to be taking his comment out of context, you can watch the whole rally here.

And let us tell you something about us: at the same time as we were watching his rally tonight on C-SPAN3, we were writing our column for tomorrow. And we swear, immediately before Trump made his “Concord” comment, these were the words we had just written (which is perhaps why it jumped out at us):

“If you read our column regularly, we’ve never been in agreement with those who think Trump’s unintelligent.”

Maybe God is speaking through the President. Or maybe Trump does have an answer to everything…

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