Trump’s Acting More And More Like His Beloved Andrew Jackson…At Least In One Significant Way

The Pressident has stopped comparing himself so vociferously to Jackson since Steve Bannon left the White House (and he’s probably subjected to a lot fewer unwanted impromptu history lessons too).

The early days of the Trump Presidency. Only he and Andrew Jackson remain in the room today

And Trump’s well on his way to matching one Jackson oddity that no President has achieved since: not one member of Jackson’s original cabinet made it through his first term (except the Postmaster General, which is no longer a cabinet position). Jackson was also embroiled in a major tariff controversy during his Presidency, which led to some of that turnover (although he did not instigate it).

Late last night the Washington Post reported Trump has decided to fire his National Security Adviser, H.R. McMaster, and is making no secret about actively interviewing candidates for his replacement.

White House Spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders denied that in a Tweet, sort of:

Notice the wording though: it’s in the present tense; doesn’t make any promises about the future. An actual denial would’ve read something more along the lines of “there will be no changes…”

Trump remarked earlier in the day: “there will always be change”.

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