This Isn’t A Referendum On Trump, It’s A Referedum On Crazy

It’s Also A Challenge For Democrats To Do At Least Well Enough To Convince Other Democrats They’ve Got A Shot In 2020

Eric J Scholl
5 min readNov 6, 2018

Trump is still going to be President tomorrow, no matter what. The question is: are there enough people who think there’s value in having a Congress that will challenge his worst impulses and try to rein in his most outlandish escapades (which it is pointedly not doing now)? Or should Trump just run about unfettered and unhinged, like a child throwing mashed potatoes on the carpet?

Perhaps we are overly optimistic or naive, but we tend to think there have got to be a fair number of people out there, some of whom skipped 2016, some of whom voted for Trump, some of whom may even still be Trump supporters, who nevertheless think this is all a little too nuts. And there’s a value to some checks and balances.

Who don’t passionately exult with Trump in his vision of “beautiful barbed wire” and regular army hurriedly amassing at the border, even if they agree there’s a need for immigration reform. (Which guess what? We do too. And that’s always been a bipartisan issue when lawmakers have tried to work on it before.)

Who don’t quite get why when the economy is booming and military threats have de-escalated in many places, the message at the center of Trump’s many political rallies remains one almost entirely of gloom and fear.

A Montana stop in a whirlwind series of rallies

(With a few little tweaks: when he was running for President, immigrants were primarily coming after American jobs. Now they’re coming after American women.)

So what do final polls tell us about whether voters like that are actually out there?

• We find New York Times Upshot polling interesting, not only because it breaks down every single House race, but also because it reveals a couple of things we still have serious questions about. First of all, although their pollsters have made nearly 3,000,000 phone calls, the response rate in many districts has been only around 1–2%. We’ve often questioned…



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