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The Pre-Existing Condition Trick

Despite What The President Tweets, If Republicans Gain Some Seats In The Senate And Keep Control Of The House — Which Is Well Within The Realm Of Statistical Probability — You Can Kiss Blanket Coverage For Pre-Existing Conditions Goodbye!

Forget what Trump and Republicans keep pledging. They’ve got a trick up or two up their sleeves that will shut many people out, while still being able to claim they weren’t out-and-out liars.

  • By allowing insurance companies to sell plans that didn’t cover pre-existing conditions as long as they sold at least one that did. (That was Ted Cruz’ idea). Problem with that? In order for Obamacare to work, health plans need to have a mix of relatively healthy people in order to compensate for the cost of insuring sicker ones. Since plans that shut out people with pre-existing conditions would almost certainly have much lower premiums, they’d be a lot more attractive to relatively healthy people. As a result, premiums for sicker people would almost certainly go up, because they’d be stuck in the one fully compliant plan with many other sick people. Lawmakers worked on compromises on how to deal with this outcome, mainly by proposing putting those sicker individuals into “high risk pools” that the government would support. But it was never clear how much support they’d get or how long it would last.

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