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The One Thing President Trump Keeps “Forgetting” To Mention


In his epic Presidents Day Weekend Tweetstorm, which continues into this morning, Trump asserts he never said Russia had nothing to do with meddling in U.S. elections, just that it could’ve also been a bunch of other governments/people, including that 400 lb. hacker sitting on his bed.

But none of that makes any difference anymore: because it is Russia. The Justice Department’s indictment late last week demonstrates that unequivocally. As we previously suggested, the Russian strike was surgical, targeting voters in swing states who were at a tipping point.

While the Justice Department pointedly says there’s no way of determining whether Russia’s efforts had an impact on the outcome of the election, the sabotage operation Special Counsel Mueller’s team depicts is far deeper, better organized, and well-financed than anything we’d been shown before: operating with audacity and a budget of $1.25-million a month. (Even though it’s a legal document, it’s only 37 pages, and a good and necessary read. Which is why we’re linking to it again here).

So the logical question is what’s the President going to do about it?

Beyond blaming (in separate Tweets, some of them more than once): the Russia investigation itself (and Committee Hearings), Hillary, Obama, the F.B.I., Democrats in general, a response by his own National Security Adviser, Oprah, and “leakin’ monster of no control Liddle’ Adam Schiff”? And alleging “they are laughing their assess off in Moscow”?

So far, nothing.

Not even a simple statement condemning Russia. Much less a plan for retaliation, or steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Or a decisive move to kick certain people out of the country, while forbidding entry to others (something Trump usually really seems to enjoy doing).

As if Russia isn’t even the problem. As if the problem is whether any of it lands on or near him.

We’re not the only ones who noticed this. Here are some good pieces in the Washington Post, and the New York Times. Or, University of Texas Law Professor Steve Vladeck sums it up succinctly in this Tweet:

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