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The Border Between Tough And Cruel

White House, Facing Backlash For Ripping Immigrant Children From Parents At The Border, Lashes Out At Reporters And Democrats

In our very first column this year, we quoted a Trump supporter we’d overheard in a hair salon saying: “I thought he’d be tough and get things done, but he’s just plain cruel.” We wondered today how that same person is reacting to children being separated from their parents at the border. The White House realizes it’s become a political crisis, and one it either did not adequately prepare for, or didn’t care. Here’s White House Spokesperson Sarah Sanders (Click on the photo to watch):

And as furious as people got at Attorney General Jeff Sessions when he hid behind a Bible quotation as justification for tearing families apart (a quotation, as the Washington Post points out, that was also often used to justify slavery), at least Sessions — unlike Trump — is owning it. Sessions defends the policy on the grounds that “we’ve got to get this message out”. Thing is, those things aren’t exclusive. Border control is achievable without abject cruelty. (And what about the Bible quotation we remember, that “ye were strangers in the land of Egypt” Lev. 19:34)?

Then again, you haven’t heard Trump complain about Sessions now for a while

Watch what Sessions had to say most recently by clicking on the Tweet below:

And we should remind you as we wrote several weeks ago, there is no “horrible” piece of legislation passed by Democrats that requires minors be held separately at the border. The law Trump’s people keep referring to was meant to address minors showing up at the border unaccompanied, and was designed to protect them against trafficking. (It was signed by President George W. Bush). But the children showing up now are not unaccompanied; they’re with their families. The only reason this law is being applied, is that once they are removed from their parents, the Trump Administration is choosing to then reclassify them as “unaccompanied minors”.

Meanwhile, on Capitol Hill, a group of legislators came 2 just two signatures short of forcing a vote on a bipartisan immigration bill that almost certainly would’ve passed (whether Trump would’ve signed it or not is another question).

Instead, the House is gearing up now to vote on a Republican-only immigration bill, probably next week. That bill is designed to give Trump almost precisely what he’s previously demanded: meaning it’ll be the most draconian immigration bill yet, with big tightening of both legal and illegal immigration, and full funding of Trump’s wall. It will fix the most immediate problem by mandating families be detained together. Happy times!

Since most Democrats probably won’t support this bill (and some Republicans might not either), it’s really just a stunt to back up Trump’s narrative that Democrats are to blame, and pressure a “compromise” by pushing for concessions to solve problems Trump is fully responsible for creating.

Still, Trump may win this one yet.

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