Ted Cruz: Leadership and Tax Plan

1) Ted Cruz said “tedcruz.org” so many times last night, was wondering what was up with tedcruz.com. Here’s what: http://www.tedcruz.com/ Really? You want to be commander-in-chief? You want to protect us from cyberterrorism? Did you forget you were planning to run for president at some point?

2) Not only that, but was looking for more info on his tax plan which he said can be found easily by going to “tedcruz.org” and actually what happens when you go to tedcruz.org is you get sent to a fundraising page with no info about anything except how to send him $. You then have to click thru from that page, then figure out that a tab called “Jobs and Opportunity” under a tab called “Issues” is really about taxes. And all it talks about is simplifying income tax so you can “send it in on a postcard” or whatever.

No mention of what is perhaps the most onerous proposal of any presidential candidate. Here’s what you need to know: wake up in a Cruz presidency and you’re paying 16–19% more for everything when you go in to buy it. EVERYTHING. (Yes your income taxes will theoretically be lower, but this will more than made up for by the way the new tax is structured.) This is mainly a tax increase on the middle class and poor because right now most people do not pay tax on supermarket food and in many places non-luxury clothing. So to sum up: EVERYTHING YOU BUY (not just goods, also services) WILL BECOME 16–19% MORE EXPENSIVE.

There’s a 2nd problem: this “Business Flat Tax” as he calls it, or “VAT” as it’s commonly known in socialist Europe, is invisible in that it’s “baked in” to the price…you don’t see it as a separate line-item as you do on a receipt right now. Which makes it easier for the gov’t to raise it whenever they want more $ to spend (which is always,) so they will. (This is why Ronald Reagan rejected this type of tax.)

Also, it’s just plain bad for commerce. For instance, in France, stores are not allowed to have sales except when the government OKs it, because VAT is too crucial a revenue source for the government to mess with.

3) Finally, why is no one attacking him on this? Clearly, even he sees this as “difficult” since he doesn’t mention it at all on his website. (Rubio was, for a while, until he decided to go ‘full-on Trump.’)

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