TCR Brief: Trump Returns To Classic Gambit For Tax Reform Push

Touts His Plan As “Simple, Fair, And Easy To Understand”, Without Giving Any Details

In a speech in Missouri designed to kick-off his fall push for tax reform, Trump largely read off prompter, and delivered a lot of familiar promises, but no new details (at least that we noticed), on how or probably more importantly to most: how much?

Trump did strike a populist chord: promising elimination of loopholes that “primarily benefit the wealthiest Americans”, and “tax relief for middle class families”. But again, getting no more specific than that.

These are lofty and worthy goals, if the President actually follows through and doesn’t pull a repeat of health care, where he said many laudable things but then was willing to sign any horrible bill Republicans put in front of him.

The President also returned to an old refrain on corporate tax: citing the need to roll back “horrible, outdated bureaucratic rules” that encourage U.S. corporations to keep profits overseas.

About the only time Trump deviated from prompter is when Trump pointedly said “I don’t want to be disappointed by Congress, you understand me?” Here is that, and a little bit more from his speech:

Trump’s first meeting upon Congress’ return next week from a long recess will be with the so-called “Big 6” group that’s working on tax reform, which is made up of House Speaker Paul Ryan, House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Finance Chairman Orrin Hatch, and National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn.

And there’s a new Fox News poll indicating Americans’ patience with the President may be wearing thin. (We normally don’t report on polls, but there’s a good chance the President may actually see this one.) It finds 56% of voters feel Trump is “tearing the country apart”, which is kind of a loaded question. (But again, Trump will probably see this.) While his Republican base is still strong, with nearly 70% saying Trump’s actually “drawing the country together”, the biggest declines in support came from Republican men and white people without a college degree.

Also from Fox News this morning, scathing commentary from legal commentator and former judge Andrew Napolitano, who’s often been a good friend to the President. He says a Constitutional crisis is looming due to “reckless influence upon local law enforcement coming from the Trump administration.”

(This story originally appeared in “The Chaos Report” Newsletter.

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