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Senate Votes To Save Net Neutrality. There’s Just One Problem…

Even if the House takes it up and passes it, which it has no intention of doing, Trump would have to sign it, and it’s him and his people who killed it in the first place!

3 Republican Senators (two “usual suspects”: Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and one surprise: Louisiana’s John Kennedy), joined all Democrats in the vote, making the final tally 52–47. By law, the Senate can fast-track a reversal of recent decisions by government agencies, and can force a simple majority floor vote even if majority leadership wouldn’t bring it to a vote on their own. Which is exactly what’s happening here.

Democrats are using a law that was devised by, and until now exclusively used by Republicans: the “Congressional Review Act”. The CSA was itself a piece of the “Contract With America” that Trump crony Newt Gingrich cooked up when he was Speaker of the House during the Clinton years. Democratic Senators have actually been trying to get rid of it. Since it has been around, it hasn’t been used a lot (actually just once) until recently: Trump and Republicans have used it a lot to get rid “anything Obama”, specifically 14 agency rules implemented in the late days of the Obama Administration.

We often feel it’s a waste of time for Congress to pass legislation they know will never ultimately become law because the President won’t sign it (remember the dozens of times Republicans so annoyingly voted to repeal Obamacare when Obama was President?)

But we do see why it’s important heading into the midterm elections to remind people whenever possible how the Trump administration, whenever possible, lavishes gifts upon giant corporations (in this case internet service providers), while taking benefits away from average citizens. The net neutrality fight has got a lot of both.

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