Via Turkish media: Turkey’s President Erdogan meets Russia’s President Putin in the Russian resort town of Sochi

Russia: Winning!

Meanwhile, Trump uses the passive voice…

  1. This weakens NATO. That’s a huge objective for Russia, and this is a huge victory for them in that regard. Turkey is a member of NATO. Although Turkey recently also bought a missile defense system from Russia instead of the U.S. (Which kind of didn’t make sense at the time: since ostensibly the system would be used to defend against Russian missiles. But now, all of a sudden, it does.) Trump’s also frequently made it clear he doesn’t love NATO. Points for Putin all around.
  2. This has huge implications in terms of nuclear weapons. Turkey’s made it very clear it wants them, and it especially won’t take no for an answer if Iran starts building nuclear weapons of its own. (That’s maybe being facilitated by Trump pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal, which would’ve prohibited any such moves on Iran’s part for at least 10 years.) NATO’s made it very clear it doesn’t want Turkey to have nukes. But the U.S. has long kept small nuclear weapons of its own in Turkey. So now what if Russia’s OK with Turkey having some of its own too?

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