Read The Senate Health Care Proposal, And One Thing Keeps Jumping Out

Many Of The Vilest Cuts Don’t Go Into Effect Until 2019 Or Even 2020 — Now Why Could That Be?

Read the Senate’s draft and find: some things go into effect retroactively: for instance, the “individual mandate” that requires everyone to have a health care plan or pay a penalty (p. 10), and the “employer mandate” (p.11). Some other things go into effect almost immediately: for instance, not allowing abortions to be covered if you’re getting government subsidies (p.8), and reversing the tax on tanning beds (p. 29).

But most cuts that involve patients losing basic coverage or paying a lot more, don’t go into effect until 2019 or 2020. Getting rid of essential benefits, 2020 (p. 41). Medicaid “flexibility”, 2020 (p. 86). Charging older people 5X more, 2019 (p. 134).

Meaning Republicans will do their best to make everything look fine–or even better than now–at least until they can get through the next election cycle. It’ll be up to Democrats and outside people to remind everybody what’s coming, and not let up.

If you want read it too, it’s here.

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