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Portion of Texas absentee ballot application

Quick Update To Our Story: “Will Voters Be Able To Use COVID-19 As An ‘Excuse’ To Get An Absentee Ballot This Fall?”

Not in Texas.

The Supreme Court of Texas just ruled that lack of immunity to COVID-19 is not reason enough to request an absentee ballot in that state. So sorry, you’ll have to show up in person there. President Trump promptly called the decision a “big win”. Now, people over the age of 65 do automatically qualify for absentee ballots in that state. And the ruling does allow limited flexibility for people who are at demonstrably high risk of contracting Coronavirus to send in for an absentee ballot, but with Texas’ Attorney General vowing to aggressively prosecute misrepresentations of that, not sure it’s a route many people will take.

Here’s a link to our original story.

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