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Now Excuse Me While I “Pore” Myself A Diet Coke…

Trump’s Absurd Tweets Hit A New High Water Mark

We took a screen grab of the Tweet above because we knew eventually he’d have to fix it (and he did).

Still, the original version says so much.

So does this: where he attacks an iconic U.S. company for making a business decision. And threatens to throw his administration’s muscle behind foreign competitors:

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Also, you may notice he theorizes Harley buyers are so angry at the company’s lack of obeisance to Trump that “sales are down 7% in 2017”. Except Harley didn’t announce they’d “defy” Trump as a result of his tariffs until just a few days ago: in the middle of 2018. So unless all Harley buyers are psychic..

Trump also takes full credit for the U.S. not currently being at war with North Korea (which upon reflection, in a way is true): “If not for me, we would now be at War with North Korea!

But we think there might’ve been a reason for this unusually heavy barrage of outrageous Tweets. As usual, a distraction from other stuff going on. That’s why we don’t buy it when the Washington Post’s Josh Dawsey Tweets that Trump staffers say the President’s so tied up with his Supreme Court nominee and North Korea that he hasn’t had time to take any action about his EPA Chief Scott Pruitt, despite Pruitt’s seemingly never-ending trail of corruption. Based on his sundry assortment of Tweets alone, there’s plenty of evidence Trump’s got plenty of time to dwell on other things.

And there’s also a little matter of a Senate Intelligence Committee report contradicting virtually everything Trump has to say about Russia.

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