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Doug Jones (D) Alabama, giving HUD Secretary Ben Carson a hard time during hearings about a month ago

Liberals: Lay Off Of Doug Jones!

We were surprised at how many of our friends were moaning and groaning on Facebook and Twitter today about how the Senate’s newest Democrat, Doug Jones let them down by voting to approve Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State.

Listen, the fact that Jones is in there at all is kind of a miracle: due in large part to Republicans nominating a bona fide pervert and lunatic in the Special Election to fill the seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. And Jones will have to run again in short order to keep his seat, so cut him a little slack. Especially when it wouldn’t have made a whit of difference which way he voted, since enough Democrats had already endorsed Pompeo that he would’ve been approved anyway. Pompeo won approval by a vote of 57–42 with Democrats Donnelly (IN), Heitkamp (ND), Manchin (WV), McCaskill (MO), and Nelson (FL), in addition to Jones voting in favor.

Sorry we’re go grumpy today. But we always get incredibly frustrated with folks who don’t know when and where to pick their battles. Learn.

Peabody award winning journalist. Streaming media pioneer. Played @ CBGB back in the day. Editor-In-Chief "The Chaos Report"

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