I Called It! Trump Spent The Day Doing Exactly What I Predicted He’d Do

President Trump lashing out at New York Times and Washington Post articles with headlines that ridiculed him by suggesting the “great deal maker” has been unable to close the deal on health care (and has largely been shunted aside from negotiations in favor of Vice President Mike Pence.)

Trump To The Rescue!! Promises “Big Surprise”!!

In a ceremony with the Chicago Cubs (yes, they won the World Series last year, and already visited the White House: but their owner is a big Trump contributor and supporter,) Trump said he’s got a “big surprise” coming.

Of course, Trump’s “big surprises” often end up being “no surprise”. For instance, all the unbelievable stuff the investigators he sent to Hawaii (who he never actually sent to Hawaii,) were finding out about President Obama’s birth certificate.

One other thing that caught our attention: Trump made a point of pointing out in his Tweets lambasting the Washington Post that it’s owned by Amazon (something as far as we know he hasn’t done before), and accusing Amazon of not paying it’s fair share of taxes. Wait a minute, we thought that was called “smart.” And anyway, as TheStreet.com points out, it isn’t true.

Just a week or so ago, Trump sat just two seats away from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos at a White House tech conference. (Even then, the fact he wasn’t seated directly next to Trump might’ve been a sign of something.)

Of course, Trump calling out Amazon could lead to anything or nothing. (Just like the “big surprise.”) But it’d been interesting to see Trump, who’s so far backed away from economic battles with China, and Mexico and Canada, go after the 6th biggest company, and the 2nd wealthiest person in the U.S., just because they own a newspaper that made fun of him and he wants to spite them.

And the Washington Post continues to troll Trump, now with an article that more-or-less fat-shames him. That’s gonna go over well…

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