Sitting down with China’s President Xi at meeting of world leaders this weekend in Argentina

How Significant Is Trump’s Cease Fire In Trade War With China?

It May Be Fair To Call It A Victory For Trump. Of A Battle. Not Yet The War.

Update: Trump couldn’t leave good enough alone. Or perhaps he suddenly realized all he’d really done is given China a 90-day free pass. By Tuesday, he’s calling himself “Tariff Man” and Tweeting about how other countries are coming “to raid the great wealth of our Nation”. That refocused the spotlight and shifted investors’ narrative onto recession signals from the bond market, ballooning deficits, a sagging housing market, plunging energy prices (which may be good for consumers but are a sure sign of economic downturn), and imminent indictments (perhaps). The Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted nearly 800 points, one of it’s worst single-day performances this year.

  1. China’s probably right, if it’s assuming the 90-days won’t be hard and fast as long as progress in negotiations is being made. Remember in NAFTA negotiations, many of those “strict” deadlines slid multiple times as long as everybody stayed at the table. (Trump also signed that new trade agreement with Canada and Mexico over the weekend. It still has to be approved by Congress). So we too would consider the 90-day time frame as a convenient prod, not an ultimatum.

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