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  • Laurentiu Chisca

    Laurentiu Chisca

    Growth Investor and Trend Following Trader. Passionate about stock market, curious about new technologies and avid learner.

  • Heather Lavender

    Heather Lavender

    So you want to hear a couple of general and useless tweets?

  • R. Lola U.

    R. Lola U.

    Author of Love and All There Is: A Poetry Collection. Writer &Logistics Coordinator. Houston, TX. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09P8GW4YF?ref_=pe_3052080_397514860

  • Ron Lewis

    Ron Lewis

    Ron Lewis has had a lifelong interest and love of both history and westerns. Blending fact and fiction together, mixing real characters and those created from w

  • ™️Mindset


    Business Network™️ | Founder | Author | Counselor | Copywriter | Storyteller | Motivator | Write about what people should know ! ✍️

  • Evelyn Chen

    Evelyn Chen

    Student interested in developing her writing style through analysis of art, culture and politics. She has a black-belt in judo and holds a piloting license.

  • Benn Harvey-Walker

    Benn Harvey-Walker

    Jewellery industry consumer advocate and Blogger + Co-founder of bespoke jewellery company, Ethical Jewellery Australia

  • Bri Shae

    Bri Shae

    I dabble in a bit of this & a bit more of that. I’m an eternal optimist at heart, battling the wayward chemicals in my brain & 28yrs of evangelicalism.

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