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  • Michael Reynoso

    Michael Reynoso

    Believer | 2x Top Writer in NBA/Sports | WWE Writer | LeBron fan | Truth-teller

  • Daniel Nicol

    Daniel Nicol

    Business English Trainer | Language Consultant & Confidence Builder | Supporting German businesses on the global stage | Author | Musician | Traveler |

  • Plum Street Chili

    Plum Street Chili

    I am a mean trashmouth Old Lady. Why do I blog? Because a Writer needs Readers like an alky needs booze.

  • Robert James Karpie

    Robert James Karpie

    Truth is akin to Cool as Both are Repulsive to the Un. https://ko-fi.com/b4heartcomdream

  • Wendy Dean

    Wendy Dean

  • Nathan Resnick

    Nathan Resnick

  • Aaronowitz


  • Rachael Bao

    Rachael Bao

    With 2 A’s. She/her. Oft autocorrected, but great SEO! Married for spellability, remarried for Pizza. I miss sewing with Dad and watching Star Trek with Mom.

  • Jonathan Blais

    Jonathan Blais

    Jonathan Blais is an Author, Minister, Content Creator & Christian thinker. It’s all about manifesting Christ the Living Word.

  • Jean Knutzen

    Jean Knutzen

    Welcome to my Medium world. Loves Cinema, Tennis, Nelson Mandela, tolerance. I support the Oxford comma.

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