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  • Antonello Zanini

    Antonello Zanini

    Technology Bishop 🙏 | Software Engineer 💻 | Technical Writer ✒️ | Hire me: ‎‏‏https://antonellozanini.com/

  • Nojus Tumenas

    Nojus Tumenas

    Evangelist, Follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, involved in scientific research. Support me by buying me Ko-fi https://ko-fi.com/nojustumenas38098

  • Zachary Phillips

    Zachary Phillips

    Mental Health - Mindfulness - Self Help

  • Cynthia Kelly

    Cynthia Kelly

    A 40 something mother of many, and wife of one. I like to observe the political and social spectrum of life going on around us all. Tweet me at @CynthiaY29

  • KeshaDEly


    Writer, Composer, Editor, Dreamer

  • Madison Sasser

    Madison Sasser

    I am a twenty-two-year-old administrative assistant by day and a recent graduate wondering what the hell I’m doing by night.

  • Mubashir Godha

    Mubashir Godha

    I am a Blogger, Copywriter, and Digital Marketer. I am also a Mining Dr.

  • Freda Savahl

    Freda Savahl

    Retired Nurse Practitioner WHC /Contract Provider Deployment Military Services. US Citizen. Immigrant from South Africa 1978.

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