Donald Trump still has a chance. A good chance. Here’s why…

I am astounded to find among my friends and relatives about a dozen people who still support Donald Trump. Almost none of them like him, or approve of pretty much anything he’s said or done recently. They find him anywhere from mildly repugnant to completely repulsive. (Except for 2 people who actually use the word “love”, but let’s set them aside for the moment.)

So why do they continue to support? Because “he’s gonna shake things up.” And “Washington needs to be shaken up.”

Which means theyre not really voting for Trump at all. They are voting for “Shake Things Up.” Which makes the election a referendum on “Shake Things Up” vs. “Not Shake Things Up.” Not a contest between 2 people. And who doesn’t like “Shake Things Up?”

In fact, isn’t that what we’re always looking for in our Presidents? Someone who will be transformative? That’s been the case for our last two presidents, at least. Competence and experience are of little importance. In a way, Trump being wildly unpredictable helps him because it’s evidence he’s “gonna shake things up.”

Hillary’s main arguments against Trump “he’s unstable,” “he’s unfit,” “he lies,” “he’s a cheat,” all fit with the expectation that he’s “gonna shake things up.” So are not going to change the mind of anybody voting for “Shake Things Up.” And you can’t really argue that he’s not “gonna shake things up.”

Peabody award winning journalist. Streaming media pioneer. Played @ CBGB back in the day. Editor-In-Chief "The Chaos Report"

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