Canadian football pre-empts Trump speech in Montreal bars…but I still care!

In Canada tonight, no one cares about Trump speech!… Imagine that! Bar I was in had Canadian football on all TVs with a referee who looked an awful lot like Ted Cruz.

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Guess Trump’s right: Canadians just basking in the spoils of NAFTA. That’s why most of the subway escalators in Montreal don’t work and the ruins of an elevated freeway lie crashed to the street in decay and unabashed ugliness without any apparent attempt to clean it up. Or when I asked why the seats on all the bike share bikes are crap the response was: “Our city has no money so we are not going to do anything about it.” Still I watched the speech (yes, all of it) when I got back to my room just now. A few observations: 1) Started out strong: bash Hillary, bash Hillary, bash Bill, bash Hillary. But at least with some valid, substantive facts now to back him up. (Although why has the Korea trade deal suddenly become poison? Say what you want about NAFTA and TPP, but the Korea trade deal by most accounts is a good one and the type of deal Trump himself just moments later said he wanted to be doing — “Deals with individual countries.” 2) Then more of the old stuff: bring back jobs particularly steel workers and coal miners, destroy ISIS and Obama care this time WITHOUT EVEN ONE valid substantive plan (unless “we’re gonna do it fast, believe me” counts as a plan.) Easy and fast without saying how. Like I’m gonna play in the NFL next season and I will be very, very fast. Got Pence to stand up for LGBTQ rights — that was a good one! Lots of pundits have said Trump lost an opportunity to introduce himself as a human (I paraphrase). Yeah maybe, but also I don’t really care about that. What I would’ve liked to learn though is who inspires him? Who does he look to when the chips are down? Unfortunately, and disappointingly, that question seems now unequivocally asked and answered.

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