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A fierce melee of a confirmation hearing for new Supreme Court Justice can only help Trump

Eric J Scholl
6 min readSep 25, 2020


How so? By keeping the focus on things other than Trump. And helping him keep his many failings out of the spotlight. Especially his disastrous management of the COVID-19 pandemic. Which he likes to pretend didn’t happen and isn’t still happening.

I remember just one week ago today, feeling completely comfortable for the first time with the idea that Joe Biden had a really good chance of managing to actually pull it off. Trump was flailing. He’d utterly run out of answers. Not even satisfactory lies. Almost like he’d so conditioned people to not trust anything they’d finally even stopped trusting him.

And then that night, the world changed forever.

Since then, the focus is completely shifted to a looming battle in the Senate. In which Trump is not really a central player. Once he names his pick for the next Supreme Court Justice, he hands off the baton to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and goes back out rallying.

So if you want to win the election; can’t let the spotlight move to the Senate. How? Don’t have the battle. Yes, it’s important for Democrats to be furious and use that righteous fury to inspire people to vote Trump and every single damn two-faced Republican out of office. But Republicans do have the votes to confirm a new Supreme Court nominee, whatever made up procedural travesty they created and are now having to undo. And Democrats don’t.

Thing is, Republicans are being completely hypocritical in this process, but they aren’t doing anything illegal. Unlike Trump, McConnell, who’s really the one writing this chapter, is a master at exploiting rules and procedure, but he’s technically not “breaking” anything.

Senate Judiciary Chair Lindsey Graham (R) SC, who is up for re-election, flips his lid during Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings about 2 years ago. Are Democrats really yearning for a repeat performance?

If McConnell is intent on pushing a nominee through before Election Day, step out of the way, express your extreme disapproval, and let him do it as quickly as possible. Because it’s to his advantage to keep the process going til as close to Election Day as possible, because it helps keeps Trump off the table. So…



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