All screaming babies should be thrown out of everywhere!

So I’d be willing to cut Trump some slack on this one. Except his actions today in ejecting a wailing infant from a rally speaks volumes about how he despises almost all human interaction of any kind. Especially with his own core supporters! I’m shocked others haven’t made more of this because it’s just so weird. He really doesn’t want to have any direct contact. He prefers to pull up in his plane, bloviate at his fans for an hour or so, fly out — untouched. To prove he’s the “blue collar billionaire” he eats McDonald’s and KFC. On his plane. Not at the KFC, where he might meet someone. You’d think the “man of the people” would at least use a spork! No! Uses silverware! He’s not gonna show up in a biker bar (like Biden did) despite claiming widespread support of bikers. He’ll have no problems, however, hobnobbing with elites at a fundraising dinner this week-end here on Cape Cod, where he’s charging $10,000 to take a photo with him. So would have to surmise he just doesn’t feel like getting down-and-dirty with what an ex-boss of mine used to call “the dregs.”

Trump really doesn’t seem to like being on the campaign trail. Have you noticed he seldom appears anywhere where he can’t get back home the same night? He even flew back and forth during the RNC. Good thing for him swing states are Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida.

Oh, and one more thing: campaigning politicians are supposed to kiss babies; it’s part of the job!

Peabody award winning journalist. Streaming media pioneer. Played @ CBGB back in the day. Editor-In-Chief "The Chaos Report"

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