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A Brief Follow-Up To Our Piece Yesterday, Which Suggested Trump Might Think He Can Get Away With Firing Special Counsel Mueller’s Boss, Assistant Attorney General Rob Rosenstein

See above from Trump himself: Rosenstein’s the worst of all!

And the Washington Post published a curious story suggesting ousted Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon is pitching the White House on an idea that starts with getting rid of Rosenstein (who presumably could be replaced with someone “friendlier” to Trump), then continues with the President exerting “executive privilege…immediately and retroactively”. Meaning all of Mueller’s interviews previously conducted with White House officials would be off limits. We don’t even know if that’s legally possible, especially since all those interviews were given voluntarily. But we’re not lawyers. Neither is Bannon.

And finally, Trump former near-hire, and former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova suggested the very same thing on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox last night, saying Trump should fire Rosenstein “tomorrow morning”. diGenova goes on Fox all the time, so why bring this particular appearance up? Because Trump himself did, Tweeting for people to watch it: “Big show tonight on @seanhannity! 9:00 P.M. on @FoxNews”, he said.

Here’s a link to our original piece, BTW…

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