At the G7 summit with Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson, this past weekend

Face it: 2020 was a referendum on crazy. The next election will mostly be about the economy again.

And that could be good or bad for President Biden. And a lot of it based on timing. Some of which he may not have a lot of control over. Which is why he’s got to do infrastructure. Which is why we’re suspicious that enough Republicans will ever back it in a meaningful way.

3 1/2 years ago, I pointed out that President Trump and Republicans had embarked on “a grand experiment that’s never been attempted before”. What was that? They “decided to do a huge economic stimulus package at a time when the economy was already booming.” And they…

Because his mental acuity doesn’t matter; never really has…

It doesn’t matter if Trump thinks he’ll be “reinstalled” as President or not. It doesn’t matter that Trump shut down his blog due to lack of interest. Or what his pants look like. All the effort spent over multiple news cycles recently trying to externally pick apart the former President’s various whims and motives is just a waste of time. Forget about his mental health: it’s probably not good for your health.

What matters is on January 6th, immediately before the insurrection at the Capitol, Trump incited the crowd by telling them:

We fight like hell. And if you don’t…

Amazon fulfillment center in Bessemer, Alabama, while it was being built. Earlier this year, workers there rejected an attempt to unionize.

If they bring jobs back to the US

Otherwise, any infrastructure bill has got to raise taxes on corporations to help pay for it. President Biden kind of is and isn’t budging on that in negotiations with Republicans. In meetings with Republicans, he’s now proposing a kind of flat floor on corporate taxes, so big corporations can’t get away with paying nothing or next-to-nothing, as many do now. That might maybe be preferable to Republicans than reversing their gigantic, multi-trillion dollar corporate tax cut, which was, after all, their biggest legislative achievement of the Trump years.

So either way, it’s all good.

But there’s another way, or at…

Answering questions at news conference this week

The answer’s in what the new President just clearly laid out this week as his doctrine…

The following is the most important thing President Biden said at his news conference, in my opinion. (If you want the video of him saying it, just click on the photo at the top of this piece). It’s also important to note, I think, that this is a response to a question; not part of a prepared statement by the President:

I predict to you, your children or grandchildren are going to be doing their doctoral thesis on the issue of who succeeded: autocracy or democracy? Because that is what is at stake, not just with China.

Look around the…

There’s no doubt journalism — particularly local journalism — is in crisis. But how does this knowledge help solve the problem vs. perpetuate it?

For proof one need look no further than this recent very comprehensive report published in the Columbia Journalism Review. Showing erosion in the industry accelerating in the wake of the pandemic. Including the complete shutdown of nearly 5 dozen news organizations since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic alone.

And the very real threat — actually, it’s way beyond a threat now — to local newsrooms poses real peril especially when competent coverage of local issues ranging from vaccines distribution to voting rights is more imperative than ever.

But is finding a way to reverse this exact trend, to attempt…

Announcing every teacher will have access to vaccine by the end of this month

That’s what President Biden may need to do more of if he’s going to succeed

What do I mean by that? Most of us have probably heard of the concepts of “managing down” and “managing up”, both equally important examples of what a skilled manager of any kind needs to do to effectively communicate with both the people who report to them, and those to whom they report.

President Biden’s job is a little bit different: he needs to manage out. That is, to the people who elected him, and even those who didn’t: Americans.

Why is this so important? Because failure to communicate not just what he’s working on but how and how hard…

Final result of Trump’s 2nd impeachment trial: not a big enough margin to convict

Republican Senators’ unwillingness to impeach Trump for “incitement of insurrection” displays what their priorities would’ve been, had they kept control of the chamber

Without fully rehashing Trump’s 2nd Senate trial, in which only 7 Republican Senators joined all Democrats voting to convict, let’s start by very quickly taking a step back and asking, first of all, why weren’t most Republicans in the House and Senate willing to impeach and convict Trump?

January 6th remains about the clearest point A to point B line possible ever between Trump and a naked attempt to undermine the U.S. Constitution and overthrow the U.S. government. The culmination of a nakedly premeditated effort to mass his most flammable supporters within shouting distance of the Capitol and then lighting…

A friend suggested “Nincompopulism”, but I don’t like calling people names…

One of the things that’s really striking to me about stuff that keeps coming up recently, whether it’s in politics, or the economy, or health, or whatever, or wherever, is that people are doing a lot of noisy, boisterous stuff these days, perhaps with some short term objective in mind, but a lot seemingly just to tear things apart and jump around with no thought at all not one bit about what comes after. And what real destruction they may leave behind the havoc they wreak, which they’re doing sometimes just for fun, or so they say.

Like how did…

Chief Justice John Roberts presiding over Trump’s 1st impeachment trial in the Senate, almost exactly 1 year ago

Because if a jury has already told you they’re going to let you off no matter what, why not just turn it into a marketing opportunity?

Why bother to mount a law-based defense, when you can instead use it as an opportunity to grandstand and spread lies and you’ll still get off?

So in that context, is the fact that over the weekend, a whole handful of the key lawyers Trump had lined up have now backed out, going to make much of a difference?

That’s because, as first reported by CNN, and confirmed by many other news outlets:

Trump wanted the attorneys to argue there was mass election fraud and that the election was stolen from him rather than focus on the legality of convicting…

Image from GameStop’s corporate website also kind of describes what’s going on

There may be more real danger than people realize in the trading scheme that’s been dominating the stock market for the past little while…

Most stories I’ve seen are treating masses of highly coordinated day-traders sending GameStop and other stocks and options soaring, like a fun pastime during COVID-19, which somehow really took off and took on a life of its own. And continues to gain traction as it combines trolling with potentially huge profits for small investors.

I’m not ready to brace for economic collapse, but I think we should take it a bit more seriously than that. After all, the Dow Jones Industrial Average just had its biggest single day loss in months.

What’s happening, as simply as I can express it…

Eric J Scholl

Peabody award winning journalist. Streaming media pioneer. Played @ CBGB back in the day. Editor-In-Chief "The Chaos Report"

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