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Blank 2020 electoral map, courtesy of 270towin.com. Because nothing’s been decided yet.

It’s Coming Down To Maps, Again…

When I look at an electoral map right now, what I see is Pennsylvania and Florida.

Last time around, taking out a map and looking at it a week or two before Election Day is what convinced me Trump had a real shot at winning. My focus then zoomed in on the Midwest, including states that hadn’t traditionally been won by Republicans. And that Trump’s “America First” message might resonate with angry voters and lead him to a march across those states, which by-and-large he did.

For that reason, I drove to Pennsylvania during the last week of the campaign and volunteered for Hillary Clinton. Partly because it was the nearest swing state, but also because it still seemed winnable for Clinton. Immediately, when I crossed the border from New Jersey, didn’t have a good feeling about that. Because all of a sudden I saw endless Trump signs sprung up in yards, in highway medians, everyplace. Almost no Clinton ones. And I know, pollsters don’t consider yard signs to be reliable indicators. And I understand: Trump voters are always going to be noisier, whether it’s vocally or decoratively. At the same time anybody who takes the time and trouble to put up a yard sign is 100% going to get out and vote. …


Eric J Scholl

Peabody award winning journalist. Streaming media pioneer. Played @ CBGB back in the day. Editor-In-Chief "The Chaos Report" www.thechaosreport.com

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