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Trump’s Senior policy advisor Stephen Miller

2 Stories That Have Been Getting A Lot Of Attention That Shouldn’t Be Getting Much At All…

Because rather than illuminating tremendously abhorrent behavior, they’re obscuring and diffusing it…

  • Trump suggestion he’ll “strongly consider” testifying to Congress as part of its impeachment proceeding against him. He won’t. Just because he Tweeted it in an otherwise smarmy/cutesy Tweet? There’s about as much chance Trump will testify (even in writing) as he was going to attend the inauguration of Ukraine President Zelensky, even though Trump never said he wouldn’t, and in fact said he’d “look into that…give us the date” during his earlier, even more “perfect” phone call, a rough transcript of which he released recently. Remember when Trump told the New York Times of a sit-down with Robert Mueller: “I’m looking forward to it, actually”? (He did in writing then, but really didn’t say anything except “I do not recall.” Many things. Many times.) And there’s no reason at all to believe he’d do it again unless he’s forced to. Yes, it’s the President, But when the President Tweets something that based on everything he’s ever said and done you know he isn’t serious about, couldn’t we just start ignoring those?
  • Senior White House strategist Stephen Miller is racist. Of course he’s racist. He should be fired. He will never be fired. Because everything he’s accused of being racist about is currently official White House policy. Yeah, there’s now a lot of hard evidence Miller referenced white supremacist texts and authors when he was a Congressional aide pitching stories to Right-wing news organizations. That trove of information, released by the Southern Poverty Law Center is a terrifically detailed compilation. But read it, and you’ll find thing is, every racist idea Miller promotes President Trump has adopted either as White House policy, or as rhetoric he freely throws around when chatting with the media and (especially) at rallies. So in a way, the sources who influenced and informed Miller are kind of a tangential issue at this point. (And it’s also not surprising at all!) The problem is, all their ideas coming out of the President’s mouth right now, (the President of the United States!) and comprise pretty much all of his domestic policy, at least as it relates to his vision of the composition of American society. And we’ll stipulate Trump probably didn’t read all those racist books and screeds that apparently inspired Miller so, (although the President eagerly and freely re-Tweets white supremacist musings). Yet the thinking aligns completely with Trump’s way of thinking. This is a systemic problem in the Executive Branch at the moment that starts and ends with Trump. That’s the story. What’s confusing to us about it is many of the same news organizations now charging hard at the “Miller is racist” angle, at the same time won’t outright tag the White House, or the President with that label. (We have).

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